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Re: A Ueshiba launch

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
With "little perceptible movement"?

There was a whole lot of perceptible movement.

I wonder if Dan watched the video before commenting? And if so, what exactly he was seeing (or not seeing)?

By the way, why is Stan Pranin trying to act like no one has ever seen that movie? He's been selling it for well over a decade!

I've watched it many times.

I'm always suprised at the number of people who have started training in the Aiki arts and have no idea of it's rich and colorful history...and I think Stanley Pranin has been selling those videos for more like twenty years(thanks SP)...!!!

As far as a whole lot of perceptible movement...what's your take on it? It may be that he is doing this exercise as part of his junbi undo to show the students a way of movement that can be done in a more subtle way during actual training...There must be method behind Ueshiba Sensei movements, not just some crazy old wizard stuff...Otherwise why didn't he just ride an exercise bike as part of his junbi undo?

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PS I would have loved to see Ueshiba on an exercise bike!!! :0)
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