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Re: Student Selectively Learning

I understand what you are saying about attacks in general in aikido. I have found that both developmentally disabled and some folks on the autism spectrum I've trained with seem "wired" to not make physical contact on attacks - likely for different reasons between the two populations - my point being an approach that focuses just on "teaching a proper attack" is likely to lead to mutual frustration.

Ellis, your point about empathy for the other students is well made. Not everybody is wired to have the patience to work with such a student AND those who are able and willing should be spelling each other.

I do feel there is value, if student population and mat space permits, to having able and willing students take turns working one to one on the side on simpler exercises and partner practices that parse out the basic techniques and let him work on proprioception, cross body awareness, and learn to be more relaxed physically wngaging with a partner.

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