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Question Making Sense...?

There is a recent thread on "How Real is Violence?". I think the recent tragedy gives us all a very special and unfortunate vision of violence in our society and how very real it can be. If anyone has any insight into such things, please share.


How can we make sense
Of some things?
Sandy Hook, Cologne, Virginia Tech,
Dunblane, Columbine, and
Bath School and Red Lake High School
A fraternity of tragedy
The list can go on
And on
A testament to what?
How evil we are?
How helpless we are?
How stupid we are?
Logic and reason fail
Faith takes a severe beating
We look to others
Authorities, experts
People of education
And influence
But nothing satisfies
No answer is good enough
How can such things happen?
How can people treat
Other people like that
Especially children?
Mental illness and evil
Have always been with us
But some things...
Some things just
Strike to the heart

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