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Re: Just how real is violence? And where does Aikido stands in all of this?

[quote=Lyle Laizure;320645][quote=Long Trinh;320235]Greetings all,

Unless you do things like walking alone in the Bronx at midnight, get really drunk and start chatting up someone's girlfriend, or stare at somebody on the street (in all of these cases frankly you are messing up and you got it coming),

You have it coming? This is rediculous! Since when is it ok to physically attack someone for any of the reasons you listed? You can't really mean this.
It may not be OK to attack for the cited reasons, but it does happen. "What the FZZK you lookin' at M***** F*****!!!" One may not DESERVE to be attacked, but that doesn't matter to the territorial wanker who's "hood" includes the patch of sidewalk one happens to be walking on in the attempt to get from point a to point b..


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