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Re: Student Selectively Learning

Some good advice here. I will try not to overlap what has already been said...

1. "Attacking" for many people is difficult. What you are essentially asking uke to do is create conflict with nage. For strangers, this can be intimidating because as a general rule of polite interaction we do not create conflict. Give 'em a while to understand that creating conflict in a controlled safe environment is OK.
2. Immersing into the dojo environment can also be difficult. We have intimate contact with each other, we use Japanese terminology, we observe Eastern aspects of respect and interaction. New students sometimes are slow to completely immerse themselves into that environment.

Now, those two points said...

Students should progress towards accepting their role within and the expectations of their dojo. Each dojo has a different timeline, but there is a difference between [slowly] accepting dojo culture and rejecting the dojo culture. A student who ultimately rejects the rules and culture of the dojo is a risk to injure themselves or other students, affect the class curriculum or teaching process, or damage the trust and security of the dojo.

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