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Erik Jurrien Knoops wrote:

"At a party after a seminar in Compeigne (in France) I had the opportunity to speak with Tamura Shihan about the normal progress and development within Aikido. As I understood it he explained to me that in Aikido one starts with training Kihon Waza Kihon Gi to built a strong foundation and to study all the details of every technique. From this foundation the student is to develop to a personal creative adaptation. This is what he referd to as jiyu oyogi. He explained that one of the goals is to reach a personal adaptive and creative form which enbodies the idea of takemusu aiki."

In my opinion, Mr Knoops has given another, very important, example of the 'kihon' vs. 'ouyou' distinction, which is a little different from the distinction between 'kihon waza' and 'ouyou waza' in a typical aikido class. In my opinion, this illustrates the breadth of the concept in Japanese.

Chiba Sensei once explained this personal development in terms of SHU - HA - RI. Here, the 'ouyou' is the adaptation of the knowledge & principles gained from basic training to one's own physical and spiritual circumstances. Notice, the term comes with 'jiyu': 'free', in the sense that you yourself do it at your own pace and in your own time: others cannot do it for you. Success will depend on how well one has mastered the earlier stage of 'kihon' training.

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