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Re: Student Selectively Learning

Sounds like Robert has issues, and that aikido helps him with those issues. If the only person hurting from his actions is him, let him continue hurting himself until he hears you say that he is hurting because he doesn't move. Let him get what he gets out of class. Let sensei set the tone for his dojo.

Sometimes when someone is being a butt, I just treat training with them like bowing before and after or sweeping the mat. Just the cost of doing business, do the task as pleasantly as possible, put as little emotional energy into the task as it takes to get the task done, then move on to next.

Folks just have problems and issues and situations we dont see. For some people, getting on the mat is the most epically heroic act of pure courage and brass nads, and we never see their struggle. Not everybody is teachable and we all top out somewhere. He may be operating at his 100%.

I dont see any real course of concrete action other than perhaps explaining that ukemi goes a long way to help techniques to stop hurting. Lay it out. Move away from the hurt.

He sounds overstimulated. Look into Asperger's syndrome and autism spectrum and see if any coping techniques work. Sometimes the flood of information from grabbing someone's wrist or being grabbed by someone is too much and all the rest, having to also move, learning foreign words, dealing with test anxiety, etc., causes a shutdown.

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