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Mario Tobias
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Re: No, the world is not becoming a more violent place so what are you getting out of

My description of "violence" is that the aggressor instills fear to the intended recipient or victim.
You can be devastating and violent but also I believe you can be devastating but not violent.

I guess the difference lies in aikido the fact where nage, instead of fear being instilled to the opponent it is respect no matter how devastating nage is. Similar to a blade, it can be feared or respected.

I guess we have all encountered some fights at one point in our lives, physical or otherwise where at the end of the fight the winner senses respect from the loser (the loser being the aggressor).

So my goal in martial arts is to get to a point where I can be feared out of violence to be feared out of respect. Does this then mean that the highest forms of martial arts are non-violent, not only to aikido?
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