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Re: Body Type and Spiritual Beliefs

Thank you all for your comments!

I'm definitely not an expert regarding Buddhism. I practiced zen only for about two years. And by now I know, that my teacher was not that advanced himself. And also my religous studies of this were not very intense.
I understand that in your practice buddhism is also about caring about one's body. Thank you: This is indeed new to me.

@ Szczepan:
I am aware of the affinity of yoga and buddhism, both: historical and contentual. But I saw both as autonomous systems. Intertwined in many way but still discret. What I didn't know until now is, that yoga can be integral part oft buddhist spirituality.

@ Cady:
Yes, tao is found in the context of buddhist thought. But is it an original buddhist concept or has it just been integrated into buddhist thought? This to me makes a difference. And has it or how has it been modified by being incorporated?

@ Mary:
I didn't mean "illusion" for something that doesn't exist. But to my understanding buddhism is a lot about that "what exists" creates illusions in our mind and understanding of who we are, how we are and what the world is. And to my understanding buddhist spirituality is a lot about getting rid of those illusions.
So for example in my practice this meant: Don't regard your body, don't regard pain or hunger. Sitting is not about regarding one's body and even not about regarding one's "self".

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