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Re: Healing power of Aikido

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A great many people suffer afflictions that exist only in their heads and yet have definite physical manifestations. When their attention is turned elsewhere sufficiently there is no more time to dwell on the same thoughts that originally presented and they think they have been cured.

Pretty much anything that can capture, hold and alter perspective sufficiently can have similar "healing" powers. Sometimes that can also happen to be aikido. Let's hope we do not simply substitute one obsessive behavior for another even if it is not as detrimental - resolving obsession is healing.
I would only add that I have met any number of old dogs in Aikido with all kinds of physical issues they received from years of ukemi and doing Aikido with their shoulders. I would contrast that with people who obsessed over Yoga. They...are fine and their bodies are strong and pliant. yoga obsession equal to alcoholism? Not really. Is MMA more damaging to your body-long term- then Iai? Probably. Where does any art fit on a comparison?
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