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Re: Old O'Sensei video.

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I can't speak for others. I may play with such concepts and when I move just move, I really don't think then. Thinking is a distraction from center. This is where a lot of students can't get it because they have to think. At some point one can let go and trust.

I was watching Benson Henderson fight the other night...he wasn't thinking. He was fighting.
Mary, do you think that Benson Henderson is just a gifted person who has never learned-trained-conditioned his body to fight the way he fights? Of course he had to learn and train these things, reforming his mind-body wiring - including not just how he moves, but how he strategizes and thinks tactics-wise. As Janet pointed out, the way one moves in any discipline is not innate, it is learned. Once learned and trained to the point of "second nature," we can then act without cognitively having to oversee each movement. However, we continue to maintain awareness at all times, which is a different thing.

"The bound foot is the free foot."

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