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Re: Body Type and Spiritual Beliefs

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Buddhism nearly neglects the body, seeing it as one root of illusion. So buddhist spirituality tries to leave the body behind and there are certain ways to vanquish or bear down the body.
I'm not sure it is a true.
Yoga practice precedes Buddhism, and was included in daily practice of very many Buddhists starting with Buddha himself

I'm talking here about a real Yoga practice (that includes very sophisticated spiritual concepts), not todays superficial substitute often found in our towns...

Also your remark about ‘a body as a one root of illusion’ - I disagree completely. It is my imperfect perception of the ‘higher’ reality that makes me believe that body (as part of all world around us) is somehow separate from ‘me’.
Particularly in early Buddhism, body training through Yoga practice was one of essential elements of spiritual development.
As a reference you may use “Indian philosophy” by S. Radhakrishnan who is an excellent reference for that matter.


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