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Re: Old O'Sensei video.

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
No trained athlete, dancer, martial artist "just moves" without having given a lot of thought to how they develop patterns of movement and why - each of us, once we have absorbed certain basics by imitation and rote, if we take our training at all seriously begin to consciously model certain patterns based on internal and external priorities, interests, capabilities, etc that we each foster by our own trial and error, experimenting, exercise, visualisation, etc.
Even on the most basic things like rowing exercise or tai no henko, I never mindlessly "just move" - one day I may be playing with weighting, another day with being big, another day with breathing. Don't most of us?
I can't speak for others. I may play with such concepts and when I move just move, I really don't think then. Thinking is a distraction from center. This is where a lot of students can't get it because they have to think. At some point one can let go and trust.

I was watching Benson Henderson fight the other night...he wasn't thinking. He was fighting.

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