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Re: No, the world is not becoming a more violent place so what are you getting out of

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What's your problem with my statement? If aikido is a martial art, it is (pretty much by definition) a controlled, stylized, choreographed form of violence. I know far more ways to kill, maim, injure, hurt and control people than I did before I took up aikido. I refuse to avoid taking responsibility for the gifts aikido has given me by pretending the gifts are something they are not.

You may not study aikido as a martial art, but I do. Aikido is a big enough umbrella, and the mat I am on is pretty darn large.
Aikido is a martial art indeed and i practice it as a martial art.As a martial art that is giving you the choice to be simply in control of the oponent or even deadly and every stage in between,according to the situation or what you want to do.
But being a martial art,it cannot be violent.Aikido is the way of controlling, neutralizing or even destroying your opponent,while you maintain a calm, non-agressive state of mind.It is therefore the exact opposite of violence!
If one is a real martial artist,even though his body has to physically fight,his mind and the essense of his core are in peace.
If one is a real martial artist his body also remains calm even though he is physically fighting.
The correct state of mind during a fighting situation is "mushin" which could loosely mean "no-mind".You don't hate your attacker,you simply deal with the situation at hand at the best of your abilities using aikido techniques and if the outcome is somehow violent,if your techniques were correct,it is more the relult of the attacker's actions.
An aikido warrior can be destructive by choice,but he cannot be angry or violent...
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