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Re: Old O'Sensei video.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
.yet I bet you they never thought about moving they just moved.
I don't know much about Tohei sensei.
But if I'm not mistaken Ueshiba even wrote and talked about how he moved?
How does this relate to your statement?

I myself have learned three different paradigms of how to move over the years. I had to learn to move in a different way after about 7 years of practice, when my then teacher changed his way of aikidō, following a new teacher. Some years later there was another change, when I found my current teacher and the shihan he follows.
Three different paradigms of aikidō movement, that could be taught and practiced on the level of kihon waza. What made the "personal movement" of every particular teacher or student happened within the frame of those paradigms.

Until know I can recognize students of those certain teachers just watching their way to move and their way to "create energy". And when I practice with old friends, we from time to time discuss not our personal movements but the differences of the paradigms we learned or learn from our teachers.

But all this comes before moving or afterwards
What is true: When we move, we move. Just so, sono mama. No thinking about.
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