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Re: Body Type and Spiritual Beliefs

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I offered a view of the core of what I practice and teach. I f you don't understand or don't want to or don't need to, feel free to laugh at it.

I used words/terms, which are quite common, precise and meaningfull in my context of practice and teaching. As I said before: If you don't understand, feel free to laugh.

My central statement was that there indeed can be seen a relation between body type and spiritual beliefs.

Christianity often states a kind of duality, the body is like an antagonist of spiriutal matters. So ther is nearly no body work in Christianity.

Buddhism nearly neglects the body, seeing it as one root of illusion. So buddhist spirituality tries to leave the body behind and there are certain ways to vanquish or bear down the body.

In Taoism bodywork is the very first step towards spirituality. Building, developing the body is not only a prerequirement, it is even part of spirituality.
So I talked about a certain shihan who connects his way of bodywork to taoist views.
And once more: If you don't understand or don't like to: Please feel free to laugh at those thoughts.

I take them literally too. Albeit the outcome is different.
To more and more understand that these terms are actually meant literally, I practice and teach in a certain way. I just work on what you laugh at.

Implicitly I changed the meaning of "body type" as the OP used it ( i.e. thick, thin, big, small ...) to types of organizing/moving/structuring the body.
Still, I am not laughing at your thoughts, training, dictionary, methods, or motivations. I do not know what those are, I dont need to know what those are. My post was a simple play on words.
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