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Allen Beebe
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Re: Old O'Sensei video.

Yay! Shirata sensei is part of that footage!

I read somewhere once where he thought that his ukemi was "clunky" compared to others. I remember being surprised (and a little pleased) to read that since I always felt that way about my ukemi.

One day Sensei threw me with a shiho nage and I remember thinking, "Oh sh**! I can't catch up to my arm, its going to blow . . ." and them him saying, "Dozo" and I caught up just in time to take a fall. (rather that rip asunder) I never forgot that moment. Over a decade later I found out that my brother-in-law caught the moment on tape. I was surprised, because the whole thing lasted about a second. There was no discernible pause between us and nothing could be heard. But for sensei and I there was a moment of panic on my part and compassion on his. He terrified me several times, but I was NEVER injured by him. I think he was too busy trying hard NOT to hurt his ukes (from a super abundance of power coupled with a broad technical/practical knowledge) to pause to consider impressing others with his "formidability." He always said he paled in the light of the ability of his teacher. Leaving with the unspoken implication, "If I think I suck . . . where does that leave you? Let's just leave our egos out of this and train!"

Anyway, something to keep in mind, all that CANNOT be captured on video!


~ Allen Beebe
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