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Re: Ukemi: pluses and minuses

Here are a couple of points that I use for modeling my ukemi:
1. Ukemi practice is not for class. Sure, we spend some time to warm up the body, but instructional ukemi is either something the sempai do, or students do outside class.
2. Suwari waza is important for beginning rolling and becoming used to being on the ground. Tachi waza (as in standing techniques) is important for learning to receive technique and understand rolling is preservative, not consequential.

Honesty is important. I do not care if my partner knows what I am doing. In fact, she should know I am doing something. Its crazy that we'll dictate how our uke can attack, but then ask them to pretend to not know what we are [going to] do to them. Nah. If I am controlling my partner correctly, it doesn't matter. If my partner is anticiapting the fall for me then I have to do the technique that creates that fall...because he is doing it. This is why uke has so much control over nage as a senior, she can actually lead the technique.

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