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Re: Dan Harden - Bedford Hills, NY: Dec.7-9th

Gees..I all but forgot Marc and his guys....seminar lag!!
Bully for Marc and his guys as well as the other people who keep showing up. What you are doing is proving-and you know it from your own teachers feedback- that this work, this body technology is beyond borders, and beyond individuals. You guys and gals are continuing to make the point that it is the work and not the personalities that makes the difference.

Your work is mounting evidence that it was ALWAYS about the work -that has spanned generations, and not someone individual wiz kid or an "Asian face" as a teacher. In the fullness of time, the detractors will continue to lose their voice as they try to explain just how and why the number of people able to exhibit unusual power and aiki...continues to grow, all around them.

On a personal note, it was rewarding for me to feel your progress and then to sneak up behind you and hear your informed instructions to one and another. You know where that is heading.

This has been an interesting year. Around the world as we train, answer questions, revisit models and advance in stages, I continue to be encouraged. I just can't wait to see what you are going to make of this work as you individualize it.

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