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Re: No, the world is not becoming a more violent place so what are you getting out of

In the art of...deception statistics is one of the most effective "tools",coming second in effectiveness only to the power of MEDIA and religion(each set for a different target group,but with same intentions).When it comes to life preservation or life and death situation(which is a martial context) it becomes even more misleading because it gives a specific,unrealistic and non-martial mindset.The mindset of dealing with situations like that in terms of mere numbers. Statistics usually fail to bring to our awarness the fact that behind these numbers hide real people who may have lost their lives as a result of being exposed to the...statistically insignificant number of violent attacks in our era.Behind those numbers is somebody's daughter that was raped,somebody's wife that was killed and lots of families that can't get over their loss just because statistics say that what happened to their loved ones was not very likely to happen.When you turn round the corner only to find that you are facing the wrong end of an attacker's knife you are standing on the inprobable (but veeery bad) side of those statistics that claim that nowadays the world is not so violent.But can one measure his life and his children's and his loved ones' lives according to the statistics created by some people behind a desk,while he is facing a dangerous opponent? Do they have any meaning at all at this time? Aikido is a Martial Art. It is NOT a controlled, stylized, choreographed form of violence, used to understand other "less beautiful" forms of violence.It is a way for one to develope himself physically,mentally and spiritually and to give him the chance to lead a ballanced life and to be in control of his life. Being in control also means that one should be able to defend his life effectivelly if he has to,and that is where the martial part comes.It has nothing to do with fear,only with overcoming fear in order to be ready when the time comes for the fight.Because every life is precious and it is not to be wasted.And for the followers of statistics,i should not strip you of all your fan,so this is a little surprise.Have you ever considered that in a world with "statistically" more trained martial artists than potential victims, "statistically" fewer people would ever dare to think of attacking, thus creating a world with "statistically" even less violence...?
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