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Re: aiki, aikido, tomato, tomahto

I just don't think that anyone, in this day and age (and with the possible exception of the few still living who trained with him) is able to authoritatively state what Ueshiba was doing. I say this simply as a matter of logic, because something is always lost in translation. Whatever anyone is doing today should stand on its own merits, without this pseudo-religious appeal to a long-dead authority. In my opinion, such appeals to authority detract from one's position rather than lend it merit.
I would only state that what Ueshiba was actually doing and what he was practicing is known. Just not by you and also not by many, many people who did train with him. They were just as ignorant of the work involved as anyone else.
Traning with Ueshiba was NEVER a qualifyer of understanding or reproducing his power.
And THAT is why so many feel like they do and why I others are exceptional.

There are two ways to do aikido; external or internal.
There isn't a day in your life that someone will be able to produce the power or the aiki that I can produce if you do not understand what he was talking about and what he was doing. Chiba admitted it openly. So did many others. But make no mistake, what he was talking about was never dead, it is capable of being translated and it is teachable. Tomato and Tomahto does NOT apply. It is NOT the same thing with a different pronounciation. It just sounds that way to those who really only know one way to try and do these things; external.

1. We should not be looking to those who do not feel unusual
If you....feel like everyone else. Studying with them is going to produce what? Just another average MAer.
2. We also should not be looking to someone (big shot Japanese or Chinese included) who actually does feel unusual, but cannot or will not teach.
Studying with them is going to produce what?Just another average MAer.

We need to find people who are very unusual, who can teach. It has always been that way, it is still that way. Otherwise, in ten years, everyone is going to feel exactly like they do today
Is there a right and wrong in the Martial arts?
Well...if we're trying to avoid being average.....Yes there is a superior way to train.

In the end we have a whole of people with rank and experience in several different budo who do not impress me even a little bit. What they have been doing for 40 years, beyond wrecking their bodies, learning a bunch of waza and making alot of friends is beyond me. You could not pay me to move like them or adopt their level "understanding." As has been predicted, and stated over and over, they continue to fail, over and over when faced with people who are making the very claims that you say are not true or are unsupportable. Have you ever wandered, truly considered, how this level of consistency keeps happening? It's almost 100%.

So contrary to your own argument, the debate is only sustainable on the internet. One after another, shodan to shihan, the people who feel it......decide to train the methods we say Ueshiba was doing. Why?
It only takes a few minutes to see that Ueshiba was right after all.

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