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Re: aiki, aikido, tomato, tomahto

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Is there any IP in kendo?
It is by and large completely gone, the same is true in ZNKR iaido, though perhaps the previous generation had it, such as Iwata sensei, or Mori Mochida (you can find videos of both on youtube). Artifacts are still there (like in judo), but the knowledge of what it is and how to develop it is mostly gone, or if present, kept only to a few people.

That doesn't mean individual people aren't working on it (like me), but I have been to seminars with kendo hachidan, and iaido hachidan, including members of the ZNKR iaido committee. They know how to use their hips, and will give exercises for how to do that, but they don't move like someone with IP knowledge.

I've had various kodansha level people tell me that I move incorrectly, and that we don't need that kind of power anymore in kendo and iaido.
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