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Re: aiki, aikido, tomato, tomahto

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
I haven't stated any theories.

I'm not sure how to parse that sentence.

"Herd"? Who used that word?

Do not put words into my mouth.
Sorry, Mary, should have made it clearer that I was using your post as a springboard and "you" was plural.

So, the theory is that no one can "authoritatively state what Ueshiba was doing". I think that's fairly easy to disprove once the research is done.

The parsing was supposed to be, "How many have you trained with?". Again, "you" being plural and addressing the readers.

The "herd" was from Mary Eastland, but she merely voiced the term. Others thought it, perhaps not in that exact word, but the notion was the same. How many times have people been exasperated because "we" "hijacked" a thread? The funny thing is that I did an analysis (several times) of the total threads within a certain period of time and how many of those threads had IP/aiki interjected. The percentage was small. Still, it's the perception that counts when the truth is hard to accept.
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