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Re: aiki, aikido, tomato, tomahto

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Maybe I just don't think that anyone, in this day and age (and with the possible exception of the few still living who trained with him) is able to authoritatively state what Ueshiba was doing. I say this simply as a matter of logic, because something is always lost in translation. Get six people together and play a game of telephone, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
I would be hesitant to rely upon those theories. Since most of us haven't trained directly with Ueshiba, lets instead look at how many of us have trained with students who were there when Ueshiba taught.

How many would have you trained with?

On our end, that would be quite a lot. No, probably more than a lot.

As for something lost in translation? It's funny in a not so funny manner that I trained with some one who was there when Ueshiba was teaching and quite a few of the exercises that Dan learned down through a Daito Ryu heritage were nearly exact to what Ueshiba taught. IP/aiki has specific training. It was passed along, it didn't get mistranslated, but all of it wasn't taught to everyone.

If you're keen on putting us in a "herd", then by the very nature of our training, we are the "herd" closest to how Ueshiba trained. No, I wouldn't really use those theories at all.
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