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Peter Goldsbury wrote:
I think you read more into the analogy than was intended. OUYOU is the application of something to a different situation.
For some reason, the characters in your post show up as jibberish, but the translation I found for ouyou (ou = apply, you = utilize) was "application, put to practical use." Are saying that this is the usage in general Japanese but not in Aikido?
However, no teacher of mine has ever understood OUYOU WAZA to mean aikido put to practical application (in the street).
Right, I was implying that this would be a very limited definition that would not make much sense. OTOH, I thought the term could legitimately be used for the more general application of Aikido principles in the dojo and in everday life. Whether it is actually used that way is a different question.
The present Doshu has recently published two books, with the title of 規"ヘ合気"ケ (Kihan Aikido). The first volume is entitled 基--{偏 (kihon-hen) the second is called 応用編 (ouyou-hen). The difference Doshu is making is between basic techniques and what he calls 'applied' techniques.
Not having seen the books, I have no idea which techniques would be considered basic and which would be considered applied, so it's hard to tell what is meant by this distinction here.
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