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Re: aiki, aikido, tomato, tomahto

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Ummm... wow. I don't speak for Gleason Sensei, but I train with him and I can tell you this sounds nothing like anything he'd ever say. The idea that he'd hold the Aikikai up as the only "real thing" is... out of character. He's not anybody's idea of an organization man. And he has stood on the mat and told us to go out and train with everyone we can find, and see what we can pick up. Doesn't mean he has a high opinion of everything out there. But he encourages us to go see.

As for going outside of Aikido to find ki, PAG has it exactly right. Sensei says Harden's stuff is helping him to understand things Yamaguchi did and said, and that when he goes back and looks at Yamaguchi's videos that he now sees things he didn't see before. The whole point for him, and me, and a bunch of us is that we're finding Dan's stuff makes our Aikido better.

As for the "Western philosophy of besting another" -- Western? Really? O-Sensei never talked about the people he had bested? He never held those successes up as a reason for believing in his aiki? Guess he didn't. Glad to be set straight.

Sorry to bomb in on the thread and respond to one point without reading the whole thing, but I'm having a hard time keeping up with Aikiweb these days. In fact, I'm at a seminar with Sensei and the Devil Incarnate this weekend, but took out time for this. Happy training!
Say hi to Sensei and the Devil for me, I'm out sick this weekend Have fun !
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