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Re: Unexpected transformations or "what was that?"

For a while I trained with a disciple of Shi Ming and the primary method of practice was just to take some rudimentary or basic movement and keep putting in reps until you absolutely could not stand it anymore.

There were some guidelines, but the real objective was to get past the fatigue. To get to the point where it had to become effortless.

What I noticed during this time was that my body changed a lot on it's own; range of motion increased, I carried my weight lower, a lot of popping and cracking, old injuries healing, etc.

But nothing like this. Day 2 - 3..I have less tension in my neck and shoulders than I've had in years, my shoulders feel kind of like they fell further onto my hips and my head feels a little less connected to my torso. I am infinitely more comfortable staying in one position for several minutes or longer. This is in spite of the fact that I have (had) a serious tendency to fidget, move around, be the person that can't sit still, etc.

If I need to push someone else or myself around, there is a LOT less localized tension. It feels kind of like the pressure (resistance) is evenly diffused throughout my body.

I've never had this much change come from what seems to be an incidental or adjacent realignment - anybody else ever have something change this much overnight? Is there more later? Or was this perhaps just one of those "energy gate type things" that somehow unclogged itself? Maybe there was a bigger clog?
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