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Re: Kotegaeshi, help please

It's easy to do kotegaeshi for someone with a locked wrist.

3 principles you need to know

1. If you can't move a part (either uke's or your own, like being held), do not attempt to move that part. Move whatever part you can move and start from there.
In the case of a locked wrist in kotegaeshi (assuming the arm is in front of him since it's the strongest position), move/stretch his shoulder so that his arm is now to his side. The more that his arm is to the side of him, the weaker is his wrist. The more the arm is in front of uke, the stronger the wrist. Look again at osensei's picture. You can do this static with the slowest of motions. Interesting experiment.

2. Every joint is connected to another joint. If one joint is locked, do not attempt to do a technique on that joint ( unless you're uber advanced), attack the next or next 2 joints. In this case. you can attack the elbow or the shoulder as the pointer above.

3. Take uke's mind. When uke locks on a joint, his mind is focused on that joint. You need to briefly distract him to remove his focus on that joint. This can be done 3 ways.
a. A slap/atemi on the face b. attacking another joint c. unbalancing him, in this case his focused is shifted to regaining his balance of course. IMHO, this is more important as a prerequisite prior to doing the technique. If this doesn't exist, you can't do the technique properly.

Hope this helps.

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