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Zoe S Toth
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Re: Aikido 24 Aizome #11000 Hakama

Thanks for the response everyone. I tried the link and wow...$194. Looks like I'll still be collecting change.

@Krystal: I did read about your experiences. I'm planning to learn from them and get it earlier rather than later. It can always sit around my house for a month or two anyway.

@Malicat: I have a distaste for the tetron/ploy hakamas. My mother was a seamstress and I learned from an early age that getting mid tier cost clothes is much better in the long run. Plus the tetron/ poly blends don't have the same weight to them. Plus, yes I really must have a blue one.

@John: Thanks for the link. I now have a new, larger change jar and a goal. Only $91.20 to go!

@Michael: Thanks for the warning. I will now not freak out if the hakama comes purple/purplish and instead soak it.

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