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Re: Aikido 24 Aizome #11000 Hakama

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Hey everyone,

So I'm going to be coming up to the point at our dojo where I am going to have to get a skirt (I guess there's an answer for how to get a tomboy into a skirt) and I've started to look at options again. About 6 months ago I started shoving all my change into a jar to help save up and I've gotten to the $102.80 mark.

3 people in our dojo where the classic Bujin Blue cotton hakama. I love them. Apparently Bujin is more or less gone and given over to Aikido24. They don't have any blue Aikido hakama but there are kendo aizome ones. But the pictures look so purple!

I have met a kendo person recently and saw their hakama and it wasn't violet more rich blue. (Uber nice I thought.) The old Bujin ones are a dark blue with a stiff back piece, so a little different in color.

Has anyone bought this color hakama from Aikido24? $134 dollars is a lot for a college student and I don't want a purple hakama. Do is actually look dark blue?

Bonus points for pictures!

About the tomboy thing.... Yeah. The sort of hakama we wear in aikido is divided, so it isn't a skirt, dammit!

The Bujin haks at aikido24 are fine. They lack some of the things that made the former design of Bujin hakamas great, but they are sturdy, servicable, look nice and almost fit women well. In the world of martial arts uniforms, that is huge.

Shipping is very slow from Aikido24 unless they've changed from last year. My partner ordered a hak as an xmas gift for me in plenty of time for their stated 6 week wait, it arrived on Valentine's day. Communication is spotty. Order early (I'd give it 90 days) and follow up often through email.
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