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Giancarlo DiPierro (G DiPierro) wrote:
This would be the "put to practical use" translation. But when is Aikido is ever put to practical use? Speaking strictly of the physical techniques, I would say hardly ever, and I'm not sure that a situation such as a real attack in the streets is what is meant by the term ouyouwaza anyway. Aikido principles, however, are often applied both within and without the dojo. I consider this to be a form of technique (waza) in itself, and while I had never given this a name before, ouyouwaza might actually be the correct term.
I think you read more into the analogy than was intended. OUYOU is the application of something to a different situation. OUYOU GENGO GAKU happens to be the accepted Japanese term for Applied Linguistics. The fact that the application is to something practical is another matter. In general Japanese the difference between HENKA and OUYOU is very clear. What is less clear is the application of these general concepts to something specialized like aikido.

However, no teacher of mine has ever understood OUYOU WAZA to mean aikido put to practical application (in the street). The present Doshu has recently published two books, with the title of 規"ヘ合気"ケ (Kihan Aikido). The first volume is entitled 基--{偏 (kihon-hen) the second is called 応用編 (ouyou-hen). The difference Doshu is making is between basic techniques and what he calls 'applied' techniques. Of course, both concern techniques in the dojo.

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