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Re: Just how real is violence? And where does Aikido stands in all of this?

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Greetings all,
But again I might simply been lucky enough that I haven't seen violence directed against me. I hear about talk of violence all the time though. Do you think it's possible to avoid violence altogether if we are a bit careful, which is the goal of aikido anyway?

Of course, if you work in a job that faces danger on a regular basis then that changes the story.
Since your young and a beginner my only reply would be to work to really understand your kamae or posture. Don't allow openings, but have your offensive zanshin ready.

Seattle's a pretty quiet place for a big city, but a couple years ago I had 'misunderstanding' with a driver at an intersection here, which if you live here is really ironic cause the over-politeness at intersections can drive you nuts! He went all road rage and started following me in his car honking his horn and swerving to try and slam into me.

I was nearing my destination and didn't want an altercation there, so I pulled over. Before pulling over I had already undone my seatbelt and had my hand on the doorhandle - situational awareness - crazy people are going to leap immediately.

He did, but I was out of my car just as fast. The guy was much bigger than me started yelling how he just got out of prison and was wildly swinging his arms around and started circling me . I just stood ready, arms up, and just kept turning in the same spot to face him whichever direction he went. He said he was going to f#$k me up, I just said 'ok' and I didn't say another word. I didn't give him an opening physically, verbally or psychologically.

After a minute or two he calmed down, complimented me for standing up cause most people are 'b!tches' (his words). Then got in his car and drove away (all crazy and road rage of course).

the end

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