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Unexpected transformations or "what was that?"

Every once in a while something seems to shift inside, not as a result of directed practice, more like an incidental occurrence.

Yesterday, after several minutes of pretty much routine practice and maybe a few thoughts on how to go in several directions at once..after sitting down, something seemed to "pop" deep inside my abdominal cavity. I suppose you could say the dantian area (but not where I would have placed it).

Now my body seems to feel like it's both split from the middle (like a chainsaw across the torso) and, at the same time, more unified, cohesive and somewhat lighter.

I instinctively want to move from the middle (not so much a single center) and objects that were heavy yesterday are not so cumbersome today. Feels kind of like a bunch of clouds sewn together.

What happened? Anybody else have a similar experience? Bad sushi? Go see a chiropractor? Something I should develop in a certain way?
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