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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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As we can see in the STNG ep, metaphorical communication is very inefficient, requires an initially concrete, descriptive, objective vocabulary, and demands rather tightly shared experience. Not good for transmitting new information.
and the situation here is different how? IP/IS folks said hand-on time for shared experience. other folks said we should be able explain it in words. IP/IS folks = tamarian, other folks = federation. in the STNG ep, the tamarian capt came up with a good solution. and yes, no knowledge/understanding without sacrifice. sacrifice in this case = get off your butts and get some hand-on time, then come back and let us know if you can describe it in technical terms. and if you don't get off your butts, then "when the wall fell".

if you do get your hand on dan or one of the IP/IS folks, ask them to do a zero-inch punch, then see if you can explain that in term of F=ma. the m is easy to explain. the "a" is a bit harder since it's "m/s/s and m(distance)=0". try to figure out how to make "a" non-zero is quite interesting.

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