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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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I also find metaphor dangerous because it is very easy to stop thinking once someone "gets", or worse, thinks they "get" the metaphor, and they start to believe that the metaphor is the actual message. This is the foundation for religion and other forms of magical thinking. I want my budo to be strongly reality based and free of magical thought.
problem is the eastern languages are full with metaphors. sort of like this

asian are a bunch of dangerous buggers. can't trust 'em. one moment you ordered mu shu pork, the next moment to got mu gu gai pan or worst, poo poo plater! *urinating dog urinating dog*

It really is turtles all the way down, and the turtles are physics.
turtles are not physics; elephants are.

*sorry for folks who aren't terry pratchett fan*

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