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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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Well there you go. I was going to post that you could have several pages easily on the biological, physical, physiological, mental, chemical, mechanical processes involved in say hitting a baseball. And why a 90 mph fastball appears as big a watermelon to some hitters, but until you go to the batting cage and face a 90 mph fastball your just Bob Costas. A lot may think they are doing aiki or their "version" of it, but it does not explain 1000 strikeouts or the "Babe Ruths" of aiki.
I have never met or seen someone really unusual and stellar in skill that pursued that type of analysis. I have nothing against it. I'm just a very....VERY practical guy.

I said it before.
I train ...REAL.... physicists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical therapists, acupuncturists and body workers. None of whom have anything favorable to say about analysis as budo-even their own.
Eric is as interested as I am in getting his work out there so...
I have a proposal.
A Budo as a science seminar!!
1. Eric can present his theories on movement. I can bring real physicists, doctors and therapists to the seminar -who are also budo teachers and students- to then ask questions.
2. I will give a talk on metaphors used in budo down through the ages. They can ask me questions.

Then we each demonstrate how our theories work in our bodies on those same people.
Then we discuss conclusions.

I will show up anywhere Eric wants. I figure I can get 50-60 people to come and Eric and I can donate to charity. It would be a great way to once again have aikiweb as a center point and pivotal changer in Aikido like Aikido journal was. We all sort of know each other anyway and budo geeks being geeks...we would no doubt have a great time.
Wadda ya think?

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