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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

But if anything is to DEVELOP -- and not just be repeated -- it has to, eventually, become nativized in its current conceptual environment to flourish.
The thing is: That's just what Dan is doing. He's talking about these things in a way that even me, a simple guy without your academic background or any medical expertise, can understand. He's talking about stuff that Ueshiba's closest students didn't get because of lack of a common language. Ueshiba talked about the gods and topics from the Kojiki. His students were youngsters of a different, modern era. Yasuo Kobayashi, among many, has told us that they just wanted Ueshiba to stop talking so they could train - in their version of Aikido...

Dan also provides the methods you need to "get this" from the start. It's not like in schools where you spend 20+ years of training waza and then maybe, if you're one of the few, get it.

So, Dan and others are working hard to show people like myself what Ueshiba was talking about. In a way that we can relate to and understand. As a result, people are gathering, across borders, to practice these things and to talk about it in a common language. He provides a set of terms and explanations that you can use immediately.

I understand it if you have a hard time grasping these concepts from writing. I did, too. When I met Dan, however, all of the things I had read made sense. There is no way you will get this with a purely academic approach. And there is no way you can do it purely physically. It's a mind's game, both physically and mentally.

FWIW - there is nothing wrong with the terminology and methods Dan provides. The challenge lies in the willingness to put in the time and effort required to turn theory into practice.

Now, what was the original question again?

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