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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Josh, just want to say you are right - this RN would NEVER equate skeletal muscle OR fascia with "smooth muscle." Most of the trigger points I experience + see/feel in others are due to chronic contraction of skeletal muscles creating the shortened sarcomeres, and the releases involve pressure/release, NOT vibration.
Accuracy counts.
Point taken -- but I am not equating them -- I am drawing out the directly related functions -- and the fascia is certainly described like smooth muscle in the literature noted and in others. The point of my examination structurally is that stress (pressure) and vibration are equivalent -- structurally. Moments are just static stresses of potential dynamic rotations. Therefore, the same stability systems respond to them similarly.

As to manipulating flexor and extensor reflexes in the art -- it works both from postural stress (kokyu tanden exercises) or from tekubi furi or furitama application. The former is more subject to voluntary modulation, as these reflexes can be voluntarily modulated, though not eliminated. But the latter (furitama) is more powerful and more immediately destructive of stability- as there is no time to modulate it they just pop or drop, depending. People with a certain kind body tone are notably less susceptible -- but that kind of tone does not help their movement or action, generally.


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