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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post comes the herd mentality again. If you don't talk about this in a certain way you can't talk about it without the herd coming out saying all the same rhetoric again.....baaaaaaaa!
Ouch, Mary!! That sort of prejudicial mindset defies reasonable discussion. Think of how dismissive your post is to scores of shihan, 6th dan and 5th dans Who have extensive budo backgrounds. There is no way... you are going to get all of these independent people to have herd mentality over their training.

I imagine that as more round earthers came on the scene; flat earthers could have accused the new thinkers as having herd mentality.
There are times when there is right and wrong, Mary. And the empirical results are coming in year after year, shihan after shihan, teacher after teacher. Along with the empirical testing, we now have better translations from Ueshiba and others that place the teaching of this material in context on a global scale. Look at it this way...Ueshiba was right after all!!

As Bill Gleason (and a growing cadre of teachers around the world agree) says "" It takes quite a bit of doing to consistently change the mind of so many jaded 40 plus year experienced teachers, but there ya go. Flat earth/round earth...from better information.

I say to those with offering biomechanics, physics as training methods......Prove it!
We certainly had to, and did.

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