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Re: Like an Unsheathed Sword

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You just reiterated my point. How many people are going to get into fights with martial artists or fighters who know how to tap? With the exception of cage fights, by their very nature have submissions and bouncers who have to subdue, again, how many aikido people are going to actually find themselves in this position that a highly ranked instructor needs to hurt someone to get the point across?
I generally dont bounce the cage fighters, although it does happen once in a while. I am bouncing the untrained, cranked up audience, primarily. They tap. They know about it because they see other people doing it. They pay a lot of money to watch other people tap out, they buy tshirts so that other folks watching cage fights might mistake them for a cage fighter who has tapped someone else out, and they know all about tapping out. A lot of them think that watching cage fights makes them real fighters.

If someone was jacking me up in a fight, I'd try tapping too.
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