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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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I have a Physics degree with a minor in Mathematics (specializing in applied Maths). I also went back to school years later intending to go into Physical Therapy and completed all of the prereqs for a DPT, including over 400 hours volunteering in clinics and observing treatment. I have hands on experience with Akuzawa and Dan. I'm in a pretty good position to see the truth/usefulness of what Eric has offered over the years. Personally I don't find it even slightly useful. *Even if he was exactly right in what he says* it would not help you be able to accomplish these things because it's just not about applying a model to an interaction, it's about changing how your body is and functions. You can't do that without putting in the work and his descriptions of what might be happening, don't tell you what to do to change yourself. Given my own background I could not come up with a better model to *teach* these things than what I have been shown. Further I cannot imagine someone who did not have these skills deeply and functionally being able to even offer an explanation for what's in fact happening. It's just absurd to even think of. Like a third grader explaining Diff EQ to Hawking...
Excellent post Chris. After just experiencing my third seminar with Dan and seeing how he removes a little more onion layer for you each time with his training exercises, I know more so now that its time for me to post less and sweat thru more committed practice!
Interesting isn't it?
Lets look at their arguments

1. You can describe and model it. You are just being cagey and only want to make money, so you refuse.
2. You are a fraud and there is nothing different in what you do.
3. You're not intelligent enough to model what you are doing.

On going statements and real world testing
1. "We all feel the same and are operating with the same body parts so everything is the same."
2. This has been proven NOT to be true by thousands of testimonies. These testimonies by their seniors....GO unanswered and ignored. Those testimonies by seniors teachers and professionals; I train Martial art teachers and students from many different arts, who are Doctors, Nurses, Physical therapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, and all manner of other body workers...Physicists, Engineers, Architects etc. And yet none of them, not one of them, (and no one arguing against this training matches their qualifications) can do anything any better then any one else by knowing either the body parts or the mechanics involved.

No one I know or have heard of who HAS unusual power and aiki uses the modern methods based on mechanics to train muscles as described by the people who feel normal. Every one of them uses older models from Asia, involving mind body control (through training intent to change the body) utilizing unusual metaphors and descriptive visualization. In fact, to a man they reject the modern methods.

It is interesting that the physics and mechanics and western medicine crowd all want and demand, an explanation that they can relate to. Why? They, tell me, that its the only way to produce better results.
Yet for all of their understanding they fail to accept a tried and true scientific method: observe.
They have produced no comparative results!
As I have said to Eric and others who write endlessly trying to model this training and telling me they knows what this work is about:
All of your methods
All of the older methods we use
If you knew what we were doing, you wouldn't feel like you do and you would have people coming from all over to train with you. The reason you don't, is that you feel like everyone else! What evidence do you have that you understand anything we are saying?

Observations on Aiki and clashing of forces
If no forces intersect by action or intent there is no aiki? Right? No.
Either person can have aiki ...just standing there.
Ueshiba stated it over and over. Aiki is opposing forces (in you). And once again he was stating an ancient model that budo people I have met have no demonstrable understanding of. Yin and Yang in your own body before contact. Aiki in me, before aiki between thee and me.

I stand in rooms and offer a hand and have someone push on it. I barely move, if at all. Everyone just saw me do it at Aikido Eastside. I then do two different things that look EXACTLY the same. One leaves their power to come into me, the other they are off-balanced with their push. To any observer I made no change. But, in the first demonstration I used my arm like everyone else I meet. In the second, I changed my body organization on the inside to produce different results on the outside.
From the looks of it...I clashed with them! And yet they were off-balanced by aiki. First, by aiki within me, secondly by aiki on contact.

Hands on Keyboard, or hands on people
If Ueshiba and Takeda were alive today, the "debaters" would be cranking up their keyboards to challenge their understanding and teaching models,too!!
There is one inescapable outcome that most avoid.
Your understanding is in your own hands!
Can you stand in open rooms, sometimes hostile rooms, and demonstrate unusual power and skill among a group of professionals, across a broad spectrum of arts, and from around the world. Yes or no?
If not, why not?
What does that really say about what you truly understand
As opposed to what you claim to understand?

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