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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

I have a Physics degree with a minor in Mathematics (specializing in applied Maths). I also went back to school years later intending to go into Physical Therapy and completed all of the prereqs for a DPT, including over 400 hours volunteering in clinics and observing treatment. I have hands on experience with Akuzawa and Dan. I'm in a pretty good position to see the truth/usefulness of what Eric has offered over the years. Personally I don't find it even slightly useful. *Even if he was exactly right in what he says* it would not help you be able to accomplish these things because it's just not about applying a model to an interaction, it's about changing how your body is and functions. You can't do that without putting in the work and his descriptions of what might be happening, don't tell you what to do to change yourself. Given my own background I could not come up with a better model to *teach* these things than what I have been shown. Further I cannot imagine someone who did not have these skills deeply and functionally being able to even offer an explanation for what's in fact happening. It's just absurd to even think of. Like a third grader explaining Diff EQ to Hawking...

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