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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
Erick, those "old concepts" are actually useful, if you are provided hands-on guidance from a skilled practitioner. And I found that as you grow in skill, reading the more "mystical" things start to make sense, on a real sensational/physical level. So your idea of "old concepts" are the danger to future transmission is unfounded.
Then why did it nearly fail? It nearly failed with Takeda in Japan by all accounts; Sagawa had few to follow him -- whether he intended it or not. China is a mass of splinters or impenetrable clans.

In fact, no offense to your knowledge, but I gain nothing from what you write. I am more comfortable with the metaphors and mental pictures that you denigrate.
No offense taken -- or meant. I don't denigrate them. I value them. I mine them. I translate them -- there is no disrespect involved. Quite to the contrary. There is immense knowledge within them -- but it does not explain itself well. They simply do not serve as well in the forms they have come down to us, and for many reasons, some of which I have suggested. The proof is in the very precarious state of affairs that Dan and others have been very critical of. I don't reject anyone's points

Sagawa was intentionally holding back knowledge. He even admitted it himself.
Because he said so? A man who just told the world he in essence lied to his students for decades -- and you believe what he is telling you? No, there is much more going on there.
Are you trying to suggest that it is a cultural thing for Asians to share their knowledge like that? They are notorious for keeping things secret from people! Especially when you take into account the "koryu" or "mura (village)" mentality of Japanese...a old school dude like Sagawa will not JUST share with anyone.
No, I am not trading in stereotypes but in simple realities of a major -- and real-- cultural difference -- I am simply acknowledging that the perversities of on and giri in Japan make for tragedies real and literary that Shakespeare would have wept over. And the history of this body of knowledge alone is replete with such occasions...

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