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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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I am not talking about methods of training -- other than elucidating aiki-taiso as a basis for illustrating the principles that they embody -- so that they are understood and applied to develop the working principles that they plainly invovlve -- and not merely uselessly imitated like some kind of a cargo cult (which is a legitimate criticism of some ways the art is transmitted, I grant you)...............
Maybe you can talk to the principles involved with the aiki-taiso, how they relate to movement, some level of detail in how they should be taught and how they connect to the waza. I am interested in how you see them teaching connected body, keeping the shoulders out of the picture, training integrated movement and whole body generated from the center.

The aiki-taiso seem to be one set of solo exercises that everyone could add to their kitbag.

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