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Re: For those who wonder how to use aikido against fast punching

yes but you know you are right your points make sense

I do not train routinely with that ball in my first video but actually with this one
however proposing this last video would have made no sense and this is why I didn't because this type of training is for a boxer and my intention is not that of transforming an aikidoka into a boxer
Besides the type of exertion that in this video is required is fourfold the one needed in the first I proposed

However I post it so that you may know that I appreciate your consideration and that I totally concur with you in fact it has always been included in my routines
But an aikidoka won't need that much you see

My point is for those who may be interested in taking conditioning a few steps further because a fistfight may impose upon them demands that are totally unexpected so condition yourself a bit for that scenario

Seasoned black belts know this but I have seen countless junior black belts in aikido who seem totally unaware of how demanding a serious fist fight could be

In order for an aikidoka to condition for that 30 mins of workout like in my first video may suffice I would never suggest to any aikidoka to train like in this second video for an aikidoka has a need to evade but not to strike although you evade a bit too in the second video

Thank you for the video you proposed about an average fight indeed they look like that one I could not agree more

But I hope you can see my concern namely were an average aikidoka to meet a decently conditioned fighter he won't last 30 seconds as Michael said and this not because he is stupid but because he is not properly conditioned to dance with the fighter in order eventually to manage grab an arm

A fist fight with a fair fighter won't be like randori you won't iriminage a dude like that he will impose on you a heavy rhythm
So (if you want) be prepared so not to be stunned and to this purpose my first video for an aikidoka may be enough

thank you to you all for your attention and intelligent contributions

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