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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
If it is based upon experience, ...If it's based upon study, ...
If "experience and study" were as limited as suggested...then why would anyone even bother participating here?
You do not value the contribution because you have tossed it aside over and over again as irrelevant.
If I did not value the contribution, it would be a waste of time examining it in light of my study and experience ... I do not view it as a waste of time. That I do not have the time ( or feel the strength of need) to approach it in the way you demand -- does not make my interest less sincere, nor are my points meant to be critical or to substitute for any one else's approach.

I am not talking about methods of training -- other than elucidating aiki-taiso as a basis for illustrating the principles that they embody -- so that they are understood and applied to develop the working principles that they plainly invovlve -- and not merely uselessly imitated like some kind of a cargo cult (which is a legitimate criticism of some ways the art is transmitted, I grant you)..

I am looking at principles of action. Understanding principles is not a method of training -- nor is it meant to be -- it is meant to aid ANY method of training by pulling out applicable mechanical and physiological principles that are in play.

We are not, and never have been in conflict here.


Erick Mead
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