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Re: Can't find yonkyo

I've always found that people misunderstand the pressure necessary for this technique and are prone to crushing the arm. This bunches up the muscle and gets it in your way. For beginners I have them start by clasping their own forearms, palm to palm. Slide the hands down until the heels of the hands touch, now you are in the right spot. With a partner, have beginners start at sankyo then then relax the wrist so that the palm faces them. Grip the lower part of the arm, just above the wrist with the pinkie and ring fingers, then pivot off that point and apply pressure with the ridge hand/first knuckle of the index finger. A great excercise for this is to have people practice on their steering wheel. Grip with the pinkie and press with the ridge hand. To demonstrate the lack of crushing, I also will apply this technique by making a ring of left and right index fingers and thumbs with the uke's wrist in the middle, and applying yonkyo by rotating the ring without any grasping. It is true that the pain compliance portion of this technique does not work on everyone, but boy does it work on those it works on! I also really enjoy this techniqe applied to the inside of the shin/ankle.

Derek Duval
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