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Re: For those who wonder how to use aikido against fast punching

this is why i don't like quoting it produces too many posts i have no clue how to do multiple quoting in one same post sorry

in case anyone decides to incorporate some of this conditioning remember to make your evasion workout rely on dodging and moving around both and never stop so to build up your breath

In a few months you will be able
As Michael so rightly said if you don't you will be spent in 30 seconds
I did not mention 30 seconds because I thought maybe these guys won't believe me if I give them the true figure
But if you don't condition yourself after 30 seconds of that you will be done as Michael said and you will wonder oh my gosh i cannot believe this i am done already oh my and now what?

In one of the most entertaining 4 mins video ever you may appreciate better why i was concerned about this conditioning if aikidokas were they to face a fist fight

Envision yourself here in both positions
As the one who takes punches imagine yourself having to take hold of an arm or iriminage of somebody who may suddenly reveal very mobile on feet also less than that may suffice

Then imagine yourself as the one who is giving punches and consider how being very mobile may cause troubles to a fighter
that guy there placed no more than 3 punches in 4 minutes

Of course that dancing cannot be imitated but gives an idea why I say that a fight may involve a degree of mobility that may be totally new for aikidokas

In case you wonder how's possibile that the guy is knocked down 4 times with punches that do not appear powerful it happens because they are meetups the guy hits as he steps back the other guy pursues and pam a jab that meets you up precisely on your chin does exactly that you fall down like a bag of potatoes (what you will feel is this a flash of light and your ankles suddenly give way you won't feel them anymore and next thing you know you see the mat)

have fun with the video but be also a bit (a bit man just a bit) prepared
I hope I have been of some help to aikidokas interested in this type of scenario say bar fistfight with a relatively prepared thug who thinks you're gonna be sport for him to tell his friends later
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