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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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No. If you want to take them apart, do so. Everything I have done is based on BOTH study AND experience. It may be wrong in points -- but it is incumbent on anyone attacking them in good faith to examine and challenge those points of error he finds. I would value the contribution. But a naked declaration has no weight or merit.

But sure -- go on ahead ."Nothing to see here"
If it is based upon experience, please list the dates you have attended the seminars/workshops with "vetted" IP/aiki teachers ... crickets chirping ... you haven't.

If it's based upon study, please list how you've studied and researched what all those people who have studied with "vetted" IP/aiki teachers ... crickets chirping ... you can't, your theories have never deviated. Yet, 100% of those who did, have changed their studies.

You do not value the contribution because you have tossed it aside over and over again as irrelevant. Had it been assigned relevance, we would not be having this kind of discussion ... over and over and over again. The only reason we do is because I am talking to the readers rather than directly at you. Once you gain "BOTH study AND experience" in this area and start dissecting it appropriately, I may "examine and challenge those points". Until you are even close to the heart/truth/spirit of the matter ... the crickets are playing a nice tune.

With that, I think I'm done being so far off topic.
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