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Re: For those who wonder how to use aikido against fast punching

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As I understood your first post, it appeared you were talking primarily about technique. With the last, it is clear you are concerned with conditioning. Conditioning is key in either a competitive sport match (boxing, wrestling, MMA or the like) or in a street confrontation. The vast majority of people will simply run out of gas within one minute in either case UNLESS they condition themselves routinely. I suspect the average aikido practitioner will last a little longer than some street thug, but no one will last as long as a serious and trained athlete. Your point about conditioning is well taken and there are many ways to achieve that level of conditioning. My experience is that the average street knucklehead I've encountered is that he was good for about 30 seconds and then started to run down rapidly. Part of that was cardio fitness and another part was the failure to breathe during the event. It seems to me at least that most untrained folks tend to hold their breath during a conflict. .
yes you rephrased that admirably and better than myself
That was exactly my point what startled me in all those aikido dojos is the lack of conditioning for a real confrontation

Most aikidokas seem really not to know that the demands that a real fight may impose upon them may strike them as totally new and alien to all they have learned

You can place an aikido technique on a fighter but he won't make that easy for you not even nearly close to what we do in randori

Without a proper conditioning for lasting a few minutes of a fight you will never do it so one is at VERY high risk of being game for sport and leisure punching

I just add that it is totally true what you say that most people won't breath I only add that the type of breath you need to work around a relatively skilled puncher is not the type of breath you build up with jogging one needs to condition oneself for a scenario wehere you are asked to move unceasingly in a totally UNEVEN manner whereas jogging is EVEN

My concern is that too many of those nice folks that I saw were one day to face a fight with somebody decently trained will find right now and there that in believe me 30 seconds (btw your number i am so glad you can confirm it is so because most aikidokas seem unaware of this you see and that's why i was concerned) they are spent they don't breath and even if they do breath does not suffice

So my whole point was condition yourself so that you can really stand a chance of applying a technique in a highly mobile setting where continuous uneven aerobic/anaerobic demands will be suddenly placed squarely on your shoulders

Aikidokas forget conditioning and with the term conditioning you summarized brillianty my point thank you for that and for your insight

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